Achmea Bank and a sustainable society

Like Achmea, Achmea Bank wants to set an example with regard to corporate social responsibility. We focus on creating a sustainable future for our customers, for society and for our business. That goes beyond offering financial services. Stemming from the group's cooperative tradition, Achmea is committed to value creation with a social dimension.

Achmea Bank's savings and mortgage products should have added value for society. Our mortgages enable people to buy their own homes. And with our savings products they can save for retirement.

The three pillars of our CSR policy
If we are to realise our ambitions, it is imperative that we should critically examine the way we do business. Our CSR Policy is based on three pillars for each of which we have identified our ambitions, with the primary focus on the fields in which we want to excel. The bases of this framework is Good Governance, which is imperative to be able to take social responsibility as a company. With every decision we carefully take the interests of all our stakeholders into consideration.

The ambitions of our CSR policy have been set forth in a Social Covenant.
Further information about CSR and Achmea?
Achmea's annual report explains how we discharge our corporate social responsibility at Achmea and discloses the results we have achieved in the field of sustainability. The Annual Report can be downloaded from
More information about Achmea's CSR policy and sustainability achievements can be found on