Mission and strategy

‚ÄčOur mission is to offer Achmea customers lasting security. That means we:

  • look after customers' savings and provide them with financial security;
  • lend customers money for a mortgage so they can buy a house and enjoy the satisfaction of living in a house of their own.

We complement the wider range of insurance products of Achmea with our savings and mortgage products. Our products are customer friendly and transparent.

Our customers entrust us with their savings. And we lend customers money for a mortgage. This demands a careful approach on our part. We accordingly aim to operate a financially sound business and to manage our risks effectively.

Our concern is for the continuity and reliability of the services we offer. The management of our business is geared to the long-term interests of customers and other stakeholders. We aspire to gain the full trust of our customers, distribution partners, employees, regulators, investors and our shareholder. No decision is therefore taken without careful consideration of the interests of all our stakeholders.

We ensure that there is transparent reporting in relation to our activities, services and products as well as the financial stability of our business. Our staff are honest, knowledgeable and professional and treat our customers and other stakeholders with due care and respect. The duty of care is important to us and each of our employees swears an oath or makes a solemn promise to uphold that duty. Duty of care is deeply embedded in our corporate culture.