Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme

Achmea Bank has set up a EUR 5,000,000,000 Conditional Pass Through Covered Bond Programme (“CPTCB”) in November 2017 to replace its existing soft bullet covered bond programme which has been terminated in October 2017.
The Achmea Conditional Pass Through Covered Bond Company (“ACPTCB”), a bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicle, provides the covered bond investors a guarantee for full payment of interest and principal on the outstanding bonds under the programme by pledging the mortgage receivables of Achmea Bank to the ACPTCB and a parallel debt agreement with the Security Trustee. For investors there is a so-called ‘double recourse’ which means that in the event of default of the Bank an investor has recourse on the bank and on the underlying mortgage portfolio.
The underlying portfolio consists of high quality Dutch residential mortgage loans.
The programme is UCITS eligible and registered with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Issuances under this programme are compliant with CRR article 129. The bonds will be rated Aaa/AAA (Moody’s/Fitch).


 Base Prospectus

 Achmea Bank CPTCB Investor Presentation

Achmea CPTCB - Supplement to Base Prospectus 2_11_2017.pdfAchmea CPTCB - Supplement to Base Prospectus (2 November 2017) 

pressreleaseachmeatosellitsirishlifeassurancecompanyfriendsfirsttoaviva.pdfPress release Achmea to sell its irish life assurance company friends first to aviva

 Achmea CPTCB Series 1 - Final Terms